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Aqualistic is your local water filtration expert. We work closely with a USA manufacturer to design systems to fit your home and special filtration water needs. By working with a local manufacture we eliminate the middle man providing you with the best possible pricing.
Our warranties are among the best in the business with 10 Years parts and Labor on all our water systems. Lifetime Workmanship warranty. Call for a water test and evaluation today.

Southern California’s water is very hard and it will ruin your appliances, fixtures and shower doors with an ugly white residue. You can largely eliminate this with a good water softener system. We have salt, potassium and salt free systems to fit every home, and budget.

Our COMPLETE SALT-FREE water softener systems are very effective in preventing scale buildup.
By removing hard water scale from plumbing and appliances, your home’s pipes will be not suffer from the common corrosion problems and you’ll see cleaner dishes and clothes.

COMPLETE WATER uses technological innovation as a means of competitive differentiation. Thus, new product technologies are incorporated into existing products to provide new features or implement new production technologies and, in doing so, improve manufacturing processes and production methods. Identifying new and improved technologies at an early stage to make them available to the company and to develop and integrate existing solutions into its products is an important area of technology management at COMPLETE.

By naturally softening water without the use of salt, no brine or harmful chemicals are released into the environment. The system also requires almost no electricity, which further reduces your environmental footprint, and saves you money.

If you want great tasting water throughout your whole house, our systems are perfect for you. Our carbon filters will make your water taste better than the expensive bottled water. Our system will last for many, many years with virtually no maintenance. You will be showering in pure, clean water with no chlorine or other harmful chemicals.

Safe, clean water is not only vital for drinking and for preparation of food, but also for skin care and personal hygiene. Many diseases and sicknesses can result from contaminated water, and your customers or guests can easily be harmed by using this water for their daily needs.