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Drinking tapwater in the US could give you cancer, scientists warn

Date: 8/9/2016

More than six million people in the US are drinking water that contains poisonous industrial chemicals linked with cancer and other health problems at levels higher than official safety limits, according to a major new study. Researchers from Harvard University and other institutions used information about 36,000 water samples collected nationwide by the US Environmental […]

Philadelphia water department faces class action lawsuit over water testing

Date: 6/3/2016

City is under increasing pressure to change test methods that scientists said may underestimate the amount of lead found in water after a Guardian investigation The Guardian’s investigation, based on documents obtained using open records requests, showed how 33 cities across 17 states used testing methods that could have the effect of underestimating lead levels […]

Chloramine: Maintaining Water Quality in Southern California

Date: 2/2/2016

Several recent news stories have been focused on the topic of water quality, relating to resources coming from public water supplies. Following the crisis in Flint, an uprising from communities, celebrities and even President Barack Obama to put a stop to the toxic water supplies reaching Americans in this small town has made headlines. Regardless […]

Higher levels of contaminants found in Oak Hills water

Date: 1/18/2016

OAK HILLS — One San Bernardino County agency said it’s “not an emergency,” but the water in one local county service area has levels of chromium above the drinking water standard. The Water and Sanitation Division of the county’s Special Districts Department sent a letter to Oak Hills residents in County Service Area 70J reporting […]

10 American Cities With the Worst Drinking Water

Date: 1/31/2011

Unknown to most Americans, a surprising number of U.S. cities have drinking water with unhealthy levels of chemicals and contaminants. In fact, some organizations and state environmental agencies that collect and analyze water data say the level of chemicals in some Americans’ drinking water not only exceeds recommended health guideline but the pollutants even exceed […]

Riverside Tap Water Rated 2nd Worst in Nation

Date: 12/13/2009

Riverside residents may want to consider a good filter for their tap water following a recent water quality report. A public health advocacy group claims chemical pollutants found in the water supply make the city’s tap water the 2nd worst in the nation. City officials say the groups is telling a misleading story. In a […]