6 Surprising Ways a Whole House Water Filter Benefits You

6 Surprising Ways a Whole House Water Filter Benefits You 1

6 Surprising Ways a Whole House Water Filter Benefits You

Protecting the health of you and your loved ones is more critical than ever, and a whole house water filter can benefit all of your wellbeings in a variety of ways. Impurities in water don’t just lead to health issues; they can also damage your household appliances and fixtures such as sinks, baths, and showers. 

1. Whole-Home Water Filters Boost Health

There are several ways a water filter can improve your health. You’ll be getting bottle quality water fresh from the faucet, with nasties like pesticides, herbicides, arsenic, and VOCs eradicated. This leaves your immune system free to protect you against actual threats, not your drinking water!

Breathing in the chlorine from your bath and shower that’s been added to the water to clean it can be harmful to people with preexisting medical conditions like asthma. A filtration system removes chlorine and chloramines — more on that later.

Another health-boosting benefit that happens when you remove chlorine from water is a reduction in skin irritation.      

2. Filtered Water From Each Faucet

With older homes, the only safe place to get drinking water is in the kitchen. With a whole-home filtration system, you get purified water from every faucet. One of the best things about having drinking water in the en-suite is there’s no need to get up in the night and make the trek across the house for water! It also means everyone can shower with filtered water. 

3. Cost-Effective

Without an entire home water filter, you might have individual filters installed in the kitchen, all the bathrooms, and for each showerhead. The overall cost of installing and replacing all these different systems is much higher than that of a whole house water filter.  

4. Home Water Filters Remove Chloramines

In Southern California, the sewerage treatment process tends to include the addition of chloramines. These compounds are made up of chlorine and ammonia and used to clean the drinking supply. It’s added to the water at a level that’s high enough to kill bacteria, but supposedly safe to drink.

Aqualistic’s whole home water filtration system removes chloramines from your water.  

5. Whole House Water Filters Prevent Manganese and Iron Stains

Have you ever noticed those unsightly stains that build up around the toilets, bathtubs, showers, and sinks, even when you clean regularly? These are usually the result of the build-up of manganese and iron, which a water filter can remove at the source. Additionally, some bacteria feast on those particular components found in drinking water — which can lead to unpleasant blockages in your pipe or toilet.    

6. Wave Goodbye to Chalky Deposits

The stunning Southern California weather means that we have hard water, and hard water leads to limescale. Over time, this accumulates and makes it difficult to use appliances or leads to deposits in your bath water, kettle, and in the sink. With a whole-home filter, limescale is removed and you enjoy beautifully pure and clear water.